Book your custom fitting at our brand new TaylorMade Performance Centre!

The Club at Bond Head

Experience the TaylorMade advantage at our North Toronto performance centre!

TaylorMade Performance Centres unite the golfer, fitter, and advanced technology to deliver golf’s Ultimate Fitting Experience™. Conducted by one of TaylorMade’s Master Fitters in a private environment, TaylorMade Performance Centres delivers a Tour level fitting experience. Featuring the largest selection of TaylorMade custom heads and shafts in Canada.


TaylorMade’s & Trackman 4’s Launch Monitor Technology allows our Master Fitters to accurately measure a multitude of ball flight parameters including initial velocity, vertical/horizontal launch angles, spin axis, and total spin.

Players see all of this data, as well as carry distance and total distance, in real time, as our Master Fitters gain the scientific data needed to recommend the correct fit for your game.


From a selection of hundreds of custom and stock metalwood and iron shafts, as well as every clubhead TaylorMade has to offer is available to test on-site. Based on initial testing and the trained eye of a TaylorMade Master Fitter, players then hit a battery of shots to validate that they have correct fit.

Using the latest in TaylorMade & Trackman 4 Launch Monitor Technology, launch conditions are then tracked, isolating the ideal spec, just like out on TOUR. Whether it’s one specific club, or an in-depth full-bag fitting analysis, our experts are ready to take your game to the next level.


After the specs for your new equipment have been validated, the TaylorMade Performance Centre will ensure that your product gets ordered promptly, and built correctly.

Working with our Authorized Retailers, our Concierge Service will assist in placing the order on their behalf, walking it through the building stages, and arriving to you with the fastest turn-around time in the industry.

After you have received your new clubs, the service does not end there. All TaylorMade Performance Centre clients are welcome reach out to the facility if they ever have any questions or concerns about their newly fitted equipment.