Fundraising With GolfNorth


GolfNorth is proud to offer a unique fundraising opportunity for any team, club or organization that is looking for an easier way to fundraise. We supply a variety of GolfNorth products on a custom webpage for you to sell, and you choose how you promote your fundraising program—it’s that simple! No matter how many items you sell, your organization will keep 20% of the sales.

Items for Sale

Foursome Specials
Your supporters can purchase a variety of Foursome Specials, available for almost every GolfNorth course!

Game Packages
Your supporters can purchase a 10-Game Packages, available for almost every GolfNorth course!

Disc Golf Specials
Your supporters can purchase either a 10-Game Package or a Frequently Flyer Card for our Big White disc golf course at Foxwood!

It’s Personalized

GolfNorth will create a personalized webpage for you to sell our products from, as well as provide you with 500 printed business cards to distribute your page’s URL at events or to people in your neighbourhood. But it’s also just as easy to promote your page through your personal Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts!

It’s Free

This fundraising campaign is completely free, and you get to keep 20% of the net proceeds of your product sales—with no minimum sales required!

It’s Simple

It only takes a few minutes to fill out our Registration Form to participate in our program! Also, purchasing products has never been easier for your supporters as your webpage will be hosted by Shopify and accepts Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

Start Your Fundraising Application Today!

Fundraising Tips

Tell Your Story

Tell your organization’s story and why you’re raising funds when advertising your fundraising efforts! Donors are more likely to donate when they know what their donations are being used for.

Get Social

Social media is the most convenient way to spread the word about your campaign. Use your online profiles to promote your fundraising webpage, share updates, and thank those who have made purchases. The more exposure your campaign has, the more contributions will be made!

Share Updates

Posting updates on your fundraiser’s progress keeps your campaign relevant. Plus, donors are more likely to contribute if you’re close to reaching your goal, or if your fundraising deadline is approaching.